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About Us

The HBCU-LEEA, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 national organization of police chiefs, executives and security directors that advance campus public safety for its students attending the 105 HBCU educational institutions nationally. Most of the HBCU campus police departments are certified police agencies with sworn police officers. These officers are certified through their respective states as are other local police departments. In 1999, the concept of the HBCU-LEEA was born when a group of concerned campus police chiefs and campus public safety directors reached consensus on the need to organize for the purposes of information-sharing and collectively addressing mutual challenges.


The HBCU-LEEA was an idea tossed around in Atlanta for years. A meeting was held at the Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, in the summer of 1999, to discuss issues germane to HBCU institutions. The group formalized and elected A.J. White to the office of President. In 2000, Chief White (Clark Atlanta University) organized the first formal meeting to establish the organization of Police Chiefs and Security Directors from HBCU institutions around the country. As members of our own state campus law enforcement/ security groups, we all clearly saw the need to meet and share information on issues that were of interest to those of us who serve HBCU institutions.

The HBCU-LEEA was then born!

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