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Which Membership is Best for You?

Regular Membership ($150.00)

All charter members and law enforcement officers who are active members of an HBCU or minority serving institutions (MSI) law enforcement agency, or who are employed in a position which, by statute, is empowered to exercise arrest; or hold law enforcement powers and whose permanent rank is that of Lieutenant or above; or an equivalent level of management responsibility.


Any regular member in good financial standing shall be entitled to vote on each matter submitted to members, and shall be eligible to hold office.  

"Founding" members shall have the status of "Lifetime Members" and are exempt from all annual dues and fees.   

Associate Membership ($120.00)

All Active HBCU law enforcement and criminal justice professionals who do not meet the qualifications of the Regular Member category above. This category also includes Retired Chiefs and Agency Heads from HBCU's.

 A member in this category shall have the same rights and privileges as a Regular member, but may not hold the office of President or Vice President.

Supporting Membership ($120.00)

Persons interested in furthering the goals of the Organization who do not meet requirements of Regular Membership or Associate Membership.

Sustaining Membership ($300.00)

Any individual, Organization, or corporation interested in furthering the goals of the Organization.

Student Memberships     ($25.00)

Any individual that is student studying criminal justice or an other related field. 

Once Your Membership is Approved, You Will Recieve An Invoice Via Email

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