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HBCU-LEEA 25th Annual Conference 

July 16th-19th, 2024

Join Us in Atlanta, Ga 

Conference Countdown



Get ready to celebrate, connect, and elevate at the 25th Annual HBCU-LEEA Training Conference 2024!

This isn't just a conference, it's a legacy-making reunion.

Celebrating 25 years of safeguarding our communities, empowering leaders, and forging unbreakable bonds culminates in an event you won't want to miss.


Member Exclusive Training, Networking,
Annual Conference and more. 

Member Resources - HBCU-LEEA Connect 

HBCU-LEEA Connect is a community forum for networking, policy best practices, news, and
many other resources for campus law enforcement professionals to better campus safety,
security and well-being. 

Meet HBCU-LEEA'S 2023 Board Members 

HBCU-LEEA Corporate Sponsors 

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